What does liability insurance cover for your lawn care company?

Having a lawn care company can be a rewarding job. If it’s something you enjoy, you not only get to spend your days happy with what you’re doing, but you also end each day with pride knowing you gave people a beautiful lawn.

However, having a business in lawn care isn’t as simple as picking up some equipment and getting to work. There are other aspects to consider before you get out there giving people’s yards a makeover.

One of the biggest considerations is insurance coverage. You may already have thought of options such as business auto insurance coverage for your company vehicles, but there is more coverage you may need to fully protect yourself and your company.  

Lawn care seems simple enough, but there are many variables that could happen while working on a job. Even if you take all safety tips and precautions when working, such as keeping guards on all equipment, moving debris out of your path, and keeping your equipment in good working order, there is still always a chance of a problem occurring.

Having liability insurance for your lawn care company can cover you for some potentially risky situations that may come along with landscaping.

Why should you get liability insurance for your business?

Though there is no requirement for a business to have liability insurance, it is a smart move if you want to protect yourself and your company from potential risk.

Lawn care work can pose many hazards, both to property and potentially the customer paying for service. Without liability insurance, you may be stuck dealing with problems that arise on your own, without legal or financial assistance. 

Another thing to consider: Many customers may want to know you are properly insured before agreeing to allow you to work with them. They know and understand the risks of hiring a company that isn’t insured, so having the proper coverage makes you look better in the eyes of a potential customer.

What is covered by liability insurance?

When it comes to insurance, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Here are common instances that may occur in your lawn care business that liability insurance will cover.

1. Customer Injury

You may think the chances of your customer getting injured while you are working on their yard are extremely low, but the risks could be greater than you might imagine.

Scenarios such as a customer stepping in a hole you have dug while working and twisting their ankle or potentially suffering a serious injury-inducing fall, a customer getting hit with a stray rock left behind and then kicked by your mower, or a customer getting hurt by falling debris from your job all sound like they would never happen to you.

However, these instances can happen during a landscaping job. Though the odds may not be extremely high, they are certainly not zero. If one of these instances or any other results in an injury to your customer, liability insurance can help.

With liability insurance, expenses such as attorney fees, medical bills, potential funeral costs, and settlements will be covered. This prevents you from having to spend large amounts of money from your own pocket if something were to happen.

2. Property Damage

Just as a potential customer injury can happen, so can damage to their property. Even if you are as careful as possible, some things just can’t be prevented. 

Your equipment may malfunction and cause damage to landscaping, fencing, or even the home where you’re working. You may perhaps misjudge your distance and accidentally run into something on your client’s property, causing damage. There is the possibility a stray rock may accidentally hit the window of your client’s home.

Any of these scenarios and more are potential risks that come with working in lawn care. Hard as you may try to make sure nothing goes wrong, it is impossible to prevent every accident.

If you are not covered by liability insurance, you may find yourself having to pay for damage repair out of your own pocket. Even worse, if you can’t cover the costs, you may be sued by your customer.

With liability insurance, you don’t have to worry about coming up with the money to pay for potential repairs. You’ll already be covered by your policy.

3. Slander or Advertising Accidents

You are ready for more customers for your business, so you decide to get the word out through some advertising. Simple enough. But what happens if you unknowingly make your slogan or ad too similar to a competitor’s?

This is an instance where liability insurance will come in handy. Your coverage can protect you from possible legal action another company may take if they feel you have copied their advertisement.

Another protection you’ll receive is for slander against you. This covers defamation in both written and verbal form. If another company is trying to speak poorly on your business, your liability insurance will take care of it by covering the court costs you may face.

Slander protection goes beyond just competitor words. It can also protect you against customers.

If a customer claims to be unhappy with your service or states you breached their contract, liability insurance can cover the costs of your defense. This could be a huge savings in out-of-pocket costs, depending on how far the customer tries to take things.

Liability Insurance Protects You From Potential Risks

There are many risks to owning a business, no matter what kind. Lawn care poses potential risks due to the location of the job and the nature of it.

Working with customers at their own homes with large and sometimes heavy machinery can carry the potential for accidents. Without proper coverage for you and your business, you run the chance of having to pay out of pocket for any problems that may happen while on the job.

Instances such as customer injury, property injury, or possible slander are horrible occurrences. But with liability insurance, you can minimize these risks and know you won’t be left dealing with these issues alone.

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