Tips to Improve Your Home’s Value through Landscaping

The front of your home is the first impression people get when they arrive. How your landscaping and lawn look can make a big difference in people’s opinions when they first pull up to your home.

You may live in a nice suburb surrounded by neighbors with gorgeous curb appeal and wonder if you can keep up.

Or you may have just bought a fixer-upper in the country and have many questions such as what’s homeowners insurance protection class 10? How can I make this property look amazing?

You might even be wondering if it’s worth it to put so much effort into the outside of your home. Spoiler alert – it is...

You see, landscaping and lawn care are worth more than just curb appeal. They can also increase the value of your home. So what can you do to make your home look just as amazing outside as it does inside?

Below are 8 tips for improving the home’s worth by landscaping...

Tip #1- Plant Trees

Trees are beautiful and provide relatively low maintenance landscaping. Though patience may be required for them to reach maturity, once you have them planted, there won’t be much for you to do since trees survive even in the winter.

Trees can provide great shade on a hot day and even privacy to your home, depending on where they are planted.

Did you know? Planting shady trees on the west and south sides of your home can save you up to fifteen percent on your winter energy prices and up to fifty percent in the summer.

Just remember, when adding trees to your property, be sure to consider where you plant them. You don’t want them too close to your home for the risk of damage.

You must keep in mind the location of your house. It could be a factor in which trees work best for your yard. Do some research and find the options that work well with your climate to make your yard welcoming and beautiful.

Tip #2- Beautify the Outdoor Living Area

People enjoy being outside, and there’s no better place to be outside than at your own home. Adding or renovating an outdoor area can add some amazing value to your home.

Something as simple as a patio area with a table and chairs, or a deck to overlook the yard can create an inviting atmosphere around your house.

If you already have an outdoor living space, you can always spruce it up. Power washing a patio or putting a fresh stain on a deck can do wonders for appeal. 

But wait, you don’t have to stop there! Outdoor amenities such as fire pits or pergolas are also wonderful at adding value. They are enjoyable, and if done well, both options can create a beautiful, inviting landscape for your home.

Tip #3- Trim Shrubs and Bushes 

Few things kill curb appeal faster than overgrown shrubs or bushes sitting in front of a home. When plants are not well-maintained, they become more of an eyesore than an asset.

Simply give them a trim and shape from time to time as you start to notice them become too grown out. Well-maintained shrubs and bushes can be easy and beautiful landscaping that will greatly increase the value of your home.

Best of all, consistent trimming of shrubs and bushes ensures the plants grow healthy and will last as long as possible. That means less maintenance for you in the long run.

Tip #4- Plant Flowers

This may seem as if it’s a no brainer as a landscaping tip, but the flowers you choose can actually play a bigger role in your home’s curb appeal than you may think.

You see, planting flowers haphazardly can result in landscaping that looks less than appealing. The good news is, pre-planning your flowers and choosing colors that work well together and with the exterior of your home can truly make your house look amazing.

As an added bonus, choosing flowers that are native to your area can really keep your maintenance low while skyrocketing your outdoor beauty.

Native flowers will grow extremely well due to being planted in their natural environment and will attract local wildlife such as birds, bringing you a peaceful and beautiful outdoor space.

Tip #5- Add Some Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting can create a real wow factor to your yard. It can wonderfully accent your landscaping, walkways, or even the home itself.

You can even go green with your outdoor lighting options if you’re hoping to be more eco-friendly. You can find solar powered outdoor lighting at many retailers. 

As an added bonus, outdoor lighting also provides safety for you and your family or guests coming to visit. Since your outdoor space is well lit, no one runs the risk of tripping or running into anything.

Tip #6- Update or Add Walkways

If your outdoor space has cracked, old, or non-existent walkways, this can really kill your curb appeal. 

The good news is, you can get as creative as you like with your walkway. From simple poured concrete to beautifully laid out stone, the possibilities are endless for how you would like to create your outdoor walking space.

For an extra addition of value to your home, you can even add pavers to your walkways. By framing these areas, your curb appeal will go through the roof, as will your home value.

Whatever your material and design choices, a newly updated walkway will dramatically increase your homes curb appeal and value.

Tip #7- Keep Your Lawn Mowed and Edged

An overgrown lawn can make even the most beautiful home look less appealing. Make sure you are keeping up with your lawn maintenance and mowing your yard when it needs it.

As an added bonus, edging your yard will give it a wow factor that will really catch people’s eye. 

Tip #8- Add a New Coat of Paint

This tip can be taken in multiple directions as there are many things on the exterior of your house that would benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

Perhaps your exterior is starting to fade. Don’t worry, because a fresh painting can bring it right back to life and make your home look new again.

Doors and shutters are also things that could look brand new if painted. Perhaps they are also beginning to chip or fade. Adding a fresh coat of paint can bring them right back to life and really increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

Well-Planned Landscaping Makes a Huge Difference

Many people may spend most of their time focusing on the beauty inside their home.

But what you have to offer on the outside can be just as important.

Whether you choose to make simple updates to your landscaping, or go all out and really make an outdoor living space, your home value will only increase with your effort.

And while you’re re-evaluating the home’s value, check out the best ways to bundle your home and car insurance to save money!

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