Best Organic Fertilizer for Lawn

So what is the best organic fertilizer for lawn care?

Most people don’t know this, but organic lawn fertilizer is actual better for your lawn than synthetic.

Today we will take a look at some of the best commercial organic fertilizers.

Let’s jump right in!

The Basics of Fertilizer for the Lawn

Before we look into the best organic fertilizer for lawns, we have to look into the basics of fertilizer!

What is the number on the bag of fertilizer?

Most lawn fertilizers come with a 3 part number on the bag. the number will look some thing like this:


or this


So what is that 3 part ratio representing?

That number stands for the ratio of NPK or nitrogen, potassium phosphorus in the given fertilizer product.

Each of these ingredients is essential to making a great fertilizer for the lawn.

How each of these ingredients impacts your lawn, is a different article all together!

To keep it simple, the best fertilizer for your lawn is going to be anywhere from a 5-1-2 to a 10-1-2. And we will definitely cover it further in other articles!

But this article is specifically about organic fertilizer for the lawn!

So the next thing we will look at, is WHY ORGANIC?

Why is Organic Lawn Fertilizer Better Than Synthetic?

Look, there is no debate about it. Organic fertilizer for the lawn is better than synthetic. Here’s why!

Organic fertilizer feeds the soil and the plant, synthetic fertilizer feeds the plant and drains the soil.

It’s true, using organic fertilizer for the lawn feeds the soil by feeding the microbes within it. These soil microbes in your lawn, act in the same way as probiotics in your gut.

A good organic fertilizer for the lawn will feed the beneficial soil microbes and they will keep the bad ones away! Leading to less lawn disease, better water retention and increased nutrient availability in the soil.

Seriously, there are a lot of benefits to organic fertilizers including the organic acids.

Long story short, organic fertilizers not only feed the lawn like synthetic, organic lawn fertilizers have these added benefits:

  • Drought resilience
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Chelation of minerals
  • Increase nutrient retention

And that’s just the beginning! But that’s another story. Lets cut to the point!

What is the Best Organic Fertilizer for Lawn?

As long as you are keeping your lawn fertilizer organic, and keeping your NPK ratios between the generally recommended 5-1-2 and 10-1-2 ratio, you should expect similar results.

However in my experience here are:

The Best Organic Fertilizers for the Lawn:

list of presidents

Organic Fertilizer NameNPKCost
Jonathon Green’s Green Up
Safer Lawn Restore1006$In-Store
Vigoro Organic Lawn Food703$In-store
Millorganite 640$In-Store
The Anderson’s
Innova Organic Fertilizer
Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn000$$In-Store

So which of these organic lawn fertilizers is best?

Well, it largely comes down to availability and budget.

In my experience, any well-balanced, organic fertilizer is far superior to synthetic.

After those two factors are in play, don’t stress!

In my opinion, Jonathan Green is the best option for organic lawn fertilizer, but their products are available only in the NE of the US.

If you don’t have any organic lawn fertilizer near you, then check out The Anderson’s Innova, which is available on Amazon. It is a great choice for organic lawn maintenance.

What’s the bottom line on the best organic fertilizer for the lawn?

It really depends.

Again, any organic fertilizer option is the best way to practice the art of lawn care.

The choice you make for your lawn will be unique to your region, and your budget! If you want a cheaper option, safer and espoma are good options. However, if you want the best, you will have to pay a little more!

If you want to learn more about organic fertilizer for lawns, then be sure to check into This American Lawn regularly.

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