How to Pick the Right Mower for Your Yard

Owning a home is a wonderful experience. There is a strong sense of pride that comes along with knowing a house is yours to do with what you wish. The possibilities can seem excitingly endless, and your mind may swim with ideas for improvements and updates.

However, on the other hand, home ownership can also bring stress. You are solely responsible for anything that may go wrong in your home, and you are in charge of upkeep and maintenance.

One of the biggest upkeep jobs for your home can be your yard. Depending on its size and the terrain, it can be difficult to keep your yard well maintained, especially without the proper equipment. 

If you have grass, chances are you will need a lawnmower. You may have many questions when it comes to all kinds of concerns about mowers including “Does insurance cover a rock hitting my mower?” However, don’t worry. We are going to start with the basics here which means knowing how to pick the right mower for your yard.

The Reason to Have the Right Mower

It is very important to pick the right mower for the type of yard you have. This choice can depend on different factors such as the size of your yard, the number of trees, and even how flat your yard is.

Don’t forget that as you choose the right mower, you also should remember proper safety measures should be followed at all times. Riding lawn mowers can be viewed as heavy machinery, and as such, they have some inherent danger.

OSHA warns that riding lawn mowers can pose dangers such as rollovers, which can lead to serious injury or in worst-case scenarios, death. It is extremely important to follow safety guidelines when operating machinery.  

So when it comes to your yard, what mower best suits your needs? 

The Small, Flat Yard

If you live in a neighborhood, chances are your lawn may be spacious but not probably not overly so. You usually have a fairly small parcel of land with relatively flat terrain in the typical American neighborhood. 

These yards are perfect for push mowers. You have the option of using an engineless, push power, or one that is powered by gas or electric power. This choice depends on personal preference.

No Engine Push Mower

If your yard is extremely small, or you are looking for the most eco-friendly option you can find, a no-engine, push mower may be perfect for you. These mowers give off zero emissions, so they are great for the environment. 

An added bonus to push mowers is that they can even offer you exercise as you use them. Because it will take some full-body strength to push them along, you can get a small full-body workout whenever you mow your lawn!

Engine Powered Push Mower

If your yard is a little larger, you may want to consider a push mower that has an engine rather than one without. These mowers come in the option of gas or electric power, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

Gas-powered mowers typically will run for longer periods of time and can provide the convenience of being cord-free as you use them. These mowers are not wonderful for the environment, however. They give off strong emissions, which is not a great thing if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly.

Electric mowers can be cheaper than their gas counterparts but they have their own disadvantages. These mowers can be either battery or cord powered.

With a battery, you have the risk of running out of juice before your yard is finished. And with a cord, you will have to navigate it alongside you as you mow.

No matter whether you pick an electric or gas, however, if you have a smaller yard, a push mower will surely suit your yard’s needs.

The Small Yard with Hills or Trees

If your yard is on the smaller side but has steep terrain or perhaps quite a few trees, a walk-behind mower will work well.

These mowers are very durable and easy to operate, and they also offer increased maneuverability when mowing your lawn in comparison to push mowers.

Best of all, these mowers are easy to store which means you won’t have to worry about making a ton of room in your garage or shed.

The Large, Flat Yard

If you have a large yard, perhaps out into the country or in an older subdivision with bigger parcels of land, a lawn tractor may be your best choice. 

These mowers allow you to sit and operate them as you mow your lawn. There are two kinds of lawn tractors, rear and front engine. The kind that suits your yard may depend on its size.

Rear Engine

If your yard is on the larger size but not quite huge, you may want to opt for a rear-engine mower. These typically cost less than front-engine options, but they cover less ground and have less horsepower than front-engine mowers.

Rear-engine mowers have more to offer than just their cheaper price tag, however. They are typically more stable than their front-engine counterparts due to their lower center of gravity.

They are also easier to store due to their size when compared to front-engine mowers.

Front Engine

If your yard is a larger size and requires more power, a front-engine lawn tractor will best suit your needs. These mowers cover more ground and have the ability to tow other equipment behind them if the need arises. 

Though they cost more than the rear-engine option, a front-engine mower will be worth it if your yard is on the larger side.

The Large Yard With Hills or Trees

When it comes to large yards with plenty of obstacles to navigate, a zero-turn lawn mower could be the best choice for a beautiful lawn.

Now, keep in mind that out of all your mower options, a zero-turn lawn mower will cost you the most money. But their high price tag comes with many benefits.

Zero-turn lawn mowers offer a variety of sizes, which means they can easily meet the needs of any sized yard. They offer many options as far as attachments go as well, so you can more easily customize your zero-turn to fit the specific needs of your lawn.

But wait, there’s more! These mowers also offer great maneuverability. If you have a lot of trees or structures in your yard, these mowers will handle it all with ease. 

Having the Right Mower Makes the Difference

Though it can seem like a daunting task, the upkeep of your yard is crucial to maintaining your home’s curb appeal. Your lawn is one of the first things people will see as they arrive at your home. Without proper care, your yard could fall into disarray and become an eyesore.

Having the right lawnmower and following good safety guidelines will allow you to keep your lawn well maintained and looking great for everyone to see and appreciate.

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