How To Have An Awesome Lawn

Having the lawn of your dreams is all about consistency.

It’s true, that nearly anyone can achieve an amazing lawn if you maintain it regularly.

Today I want to discuss a few of the tips and tricks you can use to make and amazing lawn.

Come with me!

Amazing Lawn Step One: Set up a game plan.

Having a game plan for your future amazing lawn is essential to crafting the landscape of your dreams.


Well, the perfect lawn takes time! An amazing lawn isn’t as simple as seeding and watering one time!

It takes time to make it happen. That is why it is so essential to making the lawn of your dreams.

Get this, when making your plan use the next steps.

Amazing Lawn Step Two: Maintain Your Equipment

Look, I don’t care if you cut the lawn 20 times, if your blades are dull your grass won’t make a lick of difference. At least if you are going to an amazing lawn.

Here’s the problem, dull blades do not cut the grass, they rip it! Torn grass is more susceptible to disease, and in my experience it just doesn’t look as nice.

If you truly want an amazing lawn, cut maintain your equipment! And most importantly keep those blades sharp.

Amazing Lawn Step Three: Mow Regularly

This is where the game plan in the Amazing Lawn Tip One comes into play.

You may need to look at your area, but generally you will want to mow at least once a week from May to September. During the rest of the year, you can mow every two weeks.

But that is not all, there will likley be times of the year where mowing the lawn more than once a week may be required.

Regular mowing will help your grass grow thicker and greener. In general you want to follow the 1/3rd rule. This means that you never want to cut more than the top third of the grass in one pass!

Which brings us t…

Amazing Lawn Step Four: Cut the Grass High

When I say high, I don’t mean a half of a foot tall, but compared to how most homeowners cut the grass, 3-4 inches is high.

Seriously, cutting the grass at 3-4 inches is optimal. In fact some folks even cut it at five inches tall!

Why should you cut the grass taller? Here are four important reasons!

  1. Higher Grass = Deeper Roots
  2. Taller Grass Hides Imperfections
  3. Boosts Water Retention
  4. Looks Fuller

Taller grass will make the roots grow deeper, allowing them to access deeper nutrients, and also creates a more drought-tolerant lawn. Taller grass prevents water from evaporating as it acts like a barrier between the earth and the sun.

Amazing Lawn Step Five: Aerate Bi-Annually

Aeration is crucial for getting that awesome lawn look. If you really want to make the lawn look it’s best. Aerate in the spring and the fall.

Aeration helps nutrients to reach deeper into the lawn, without washing away. It also helps remove some of the thatch, which can begin to choke out grass overtime.

Best Awesome Lawn Practice: Each time you aerate, you should also seed and fertilize. This is the best time because the seeds can fall into the earth, and the fertilizer will be less likley to wash away when it rains or when you irrigate.

Amazing Lawn Step Six: Fertilize Regularly

Look, there is no reason to just fertilize 6 times a year as many folks may suggest. You can get an awesome lawn with as little as two fertilizer applications a year!

Test your soil, and add what you need.

Go Organic Organic fertilize doesn’t just feed the lawn, it also feeds the beneficial microbes too. These beneficial microbes are often neglected, and die from chemical fertilizers. But if you can keep them around, they will keep the bad ones away!

Amazing Lawn Step Seven: Water As Needed

Don’t water when you don’t have too, but if your lawn gets dry, and you want an awesome lawn, you are going to have to water from time to time.

As a general rule of thumb it is better to water longer and less often. Watering too frequently can lead to shallow roots and straggly blades of grass. And if you want an awesome lawn, you don’t want sad, drooping grass.

An awesome lawn doesn't have to be a challenge. Just follow these 7 tips for an awesome lawn!

Bonus Amazing Lawn Tip!

This amazing lawn tip didn’t quite earn its own spot, but it is still important.

Don’t cut the same pattern week after week!

Mix up your mowing pattern each time you mow the lawn. This will prevent ruts and keep your lawn looking amazing!

Whats the Bottom Line?

This may not be the ultimate guide to lawn care, but if you want an awesome lawn. This will help you get there. An awesome lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing is to keep up on it, and maintain it regularly.

The rest will just happen naturally.

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Until next time…

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