How Long to Water Grass and Other Lawn Watering Tips

So, you’ve got a lawn that needs watering. Now, you just need to know how long to water the grass.

The simple answer is: it depends

Knowing the facts on watering grass and other water tips, can be essential to having a healthy lawn.

Want to know more? Let’s find out!

How Long to Water the Grass?

When trying to figure out how long you should water your grass, there are multiple variables that you need to consider.

One of the biggest factors that determines lawn watering length is whether you have an established lawn or a new lawn.

Established Lawn

When you’ve got an established lawn, you have to be rather particular about how you water it.

Longer, more deep watering sessions are recommended.

You want to give your established lawn at least 1″ – 1.5″ inches of water a week. You should only water your lawn between 2 – 3 times a week.

Of course, if you don’t give your lawn enough water, it will die from dehydration.

Now, you may be wondering what happens when you over water your lawn….

Side effects of watering your established lawn too much include:

  • Stringy grass
  • Shallow roots
  • Less drought tolerant

Similar to mowing your lawn, the type of grass you have also determines how often and when you should water your grass.

Be sure to research your specific grass type to find watering specifics.

New Lawn

If you’re still in the process of establishing your lawn, you will have to spend a different amount of time watering than someone with an established lawn.

If your lawn is new, you don’t want the grass seed to dry out.

You should put .5″ of water on your new lawn every day for two weeks.

After two weeks of consistent watering, or until sprouts come up, you should cut back your watering to every other day.

After about two more weeks of watering your lawn every other day, you can continue to cut back to 3 days a week.

This American Lawn

Water Saving Tips

Here’s the deal, despite the fact that you have to use so much water while watering your lawn. You still have the potential to save water in the lawn care process.

Of course, in the process of saving water, you can also save money on your electricity bill.

Now, you may be asking: “Well, what are some of these crucial water saving tips?”

Let’s take a look!

Get a Water Timer

Water timers are extremely helpful.

If you happen to forget that you’re watering your lawn, having a water timer can prevent you from overwatering your lawn.

Overwatering is not only bad for the environment, but for your lawn as well.

Water Early in the Morning

If you’ve been wondering when the best time to water grass is, look no further.

The best time to water your grass is early in the morning. Or in the early afternoon.

Why is this?

When you water just before nighttime, or at night, you’re putting your lawn in a position to be overtaken with mold and disease.

If you give your grass a chance to dry out before night comes, disease that comes from sitting water won’t get a chance to invade your lawn.

Skip When it Rains

This tip is highly dependent on how much rain you get each time it rains.

Be sure to monitor the rainfall so you know how much you need to water your lawn.

If you have an established lawn, you can most likely skip watering your lawn until the next day you’re scheduled to water it.

But, new lawns are especially dependent on getting enough water. If it only rains a little bit, you still need to water your new lawn.

If you don’t, you could potentially be throwing away weeks worth of painstaking work.

Monitor Your Lawn Water Usage

You can monitor how much you’re watering your lawn in a variety of ways.

A relatively accurate way to measure how much you’re watering your lawn is to take a wet cat food or tuna can, and set it in your “spray zone”.

When your can is filled, that means that you’ve put about .5″ of water on your lawn.

Better yet, .5″ is the recommended amount of water you should put on your lawn after one watering. This means that you don’t have to worry about how many times you’ve filled the can each day.

Understanding Watering Time

Knowing how long to water your lawn is vital to your lawn’s health.

With this article, you now hopefully know how long to water your lawn. And also the best way to save water, and money, when watering your lawn.

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