What is the best time to water grass?

So you want to know the best time to water your lawn?

The answer is simple, watering early in the morning is the best.

But if you want to know why early morning is the best time to water the lawn, and what the worst time to water the grass is.

Then keep reading.

Why is Early morning the Best Time To Water Grass?

So why exactly is it best to water the lawn in the early morning? There are 2 major reasons.

Watering in Early Morning Avoids Water Waste

Watering in the early morning allows the water to soak deep into the soil, before the sun begins evaporating it away.

Think about it, the second the sun starts heating up the lawn, the water will evaporate if it hasn’t dripped beneath the grass and into the soil.

But that’s not the whole story.

The best time to water the grass is in the early morning.

Watering In the Early Morning Prevents Disease

Grass needs water to survive. We all know that.

However, watering the lawn too late in the evening can lead to mold and lawn diseases. You want to let the grasses stem and leaves dry before nightfall.

Leaving water on the lawn at night stimulates the growth of a wide variety of lawn disease. Of course, watering the grass too late one time will be unlikely to cause an issue. But it’s not worth the risk.

What if I can’t water early in the morning?

If you can’t water the lawn in the mid-day, the second best time is early afternoon.

Keep in mind that the more you water, the faster your lawn will grow. Which means you may need to mow the lawn more frequently.

As long as you water the grass early enough to allow it to dry before nightfall, your lawn will be thankful for the drink!

What are the worst times to water the lawn?

The worst time to mow the lawn is late afternoon. As stated earlier this can lead to major issues with the lawn.

The second worst time to water the lawn is mid-day. Unless it is very hot outside, and you need to syringe the lawn to cool it down. You are wasting a lot of water by watering the lawn in mid-day. Most of the water you lay down in the middle of the day will simply evaporate away.

Watering the grass at the best time leads to a healthier lawn.

The Bottom Line on Watering Grass

Whenever possible, water in the early morning between 6-9am for the best results.

Watering in the early morning eliminates water waste through evaporation, and helps to avoid disease in the lawn.

For other watering techniques check out out other articles such as The Art of A Green Lawn.

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